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  BD MULTIMEDIA company press release from 27/05/2022

  27/05/2022 - 07:30

Olympus Game to raise over 300K USD in the first ICO round

BD MULTIMEDIA announces the first results of the ICO of its subsidiary Olympus Game: the first "round" of the ICO ends on May 30, 2022 and the company projects to raise more than 300 000 USD.

In the actual turbulent context of the stock and crypto market, the first round of the ICO is a real success. It attracted hundreds of investors and thousands of fans.

In order to seize the momentum of the market recovery, the following rounds of the ICO will be postponed for a few months: "the company already has enough funds to develop the game and the NFTs in connection with the game. We are not in a hurry, nor stressed by the context" comments Matthieu Feuillé, CEO of Olympus GAME.

During the next months, the game development will continue and a strong social marketing strategy will be implemented for the launch of the next "rounds" and the sales of NFTs.

In order to create a strong community around the game and to thanks the participants of the first round, Olympus Game has decided to improve the conditions of the tokens sold in this first round at the level of the release of the tokens (vesting plan): currently, the vesting is 4.57% of release per month. This vesting will be increased to 10% of release per month.

These vesting systems are common in ICOs. They allow to regulate the market of the token resale by ensuring that the participants of the ICO invest on the long term and thus to support the growth of the token value.

This change in tokens release modality applies only to first-round participants to specifically reward them as "early stage" investors.

The company plans to sell the remaining tokens from the first round of the ICO to institutional and private investors. These remaining tokens will be the difference between the amount raised as of May 30, 2022 and the total number of tokens created for the first round of ICO (equivalent to an amount of USD 500,000).

The first ICO round will end on May 30 at midnight, so it is still possible to participate in the ICO at a -60% discounted price and a better vesting plan than in the next rounds.

The expected boom of the P2E (play to earn) games market

Play-to-earn NFT games (aka P2E or Play2Earn) allow players to own NFT assets in a video game and increase their value through typical in-game activities such as winning challenges and battles, competing in e-sports, unlocking upgrades in the game progression, purchasing items, etc.

By participating in the game economy, players create value for both the community and the developers. Play-to-earn games then reward players with in-game item earnings or tokens.

Many web influencers are excited about this future revolution in the gaming industry, like Alex Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, who believes that P2E will be the dominant form of gaming in a few years.

More information about OLYMPUS GAME

Game website:

Whitepaper of the project :

Url of the ICO:

About BD Multimedia, a fintech anchored in the digital revolution: 

BD Multimedia is a French Fintech player in electronic payment services based on a strong digital culture and oriented towards the creation of value-added services through the use of information technology:
  • The parent company obtained a Payment Establishment license from the French regulator (ACPR) in 2015. 
  • The PAYCOM subsidiary emits the TONEO FIRST prepaid Mastercard cards which are sold in all tobacco stores in France.
  • The BD MULTIMEDIA HK LTD subsidiary publishes software solutions dedicated to payment services.
  • The subsidiary METACOLLECTOR (in the process of being set up) is a platform for integrating old art in the public domain into the world of NFTs. These NFTs can then be viewed in the metaverse and exchanged between collectors.
  • The UNIQUIRE subsidiary is in charge of the Group's "Curated Fine Art NFTs" platform project, the details of which will be communicated at a later date.
  • The Olympus Game subsidiary is developing a "Play to Earn" game whose blockchain-based economy is centered on the $OLYMP token and in-game NFTs.
BD Multimedia is listed on Euronext Growth (ISIN code: FR0000035305 / ALBDM) 

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