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  VENTE-UNIQUE.COM company press release from 09/11/2022

  09/11/2022 - 07:30

Return to growth in Q4 2021-2022 ahead of marketplace ramp-up

Press release

  • Q4 revenues up 5.1%;
  • Brisk sales momentum as consumers seek fair prices amid the streamlining of the specialised retail market;
  • Strong adjusted EBITDA forecast;
  • Successful marketplace launch, a powerful growth driver for the coming financial year.

9 November 2022., a European specialist in online furniture and home décor sales, today announces its unaudited revenues for the 2021-2022 financial year (1 October 2021 to 30 September 2022).

IFRS (€000) 2020 2021 2022 Change
Q1 26,259 44,152 37,621 -14.8% +43.3%
Q2 25,221 44,258 35,368 -20.1% +40.2%
Q3 31,877 40,810 34,434 -15.6% +8.0%
Q4 35,495 34,242 35,986 +5.1% +1.4%
Total 118,852 163,462 143,409 -12.3% +20.7%

After four consecutive quarters of decline following the surge in European household online purchases during lockdowns, returned to growth in Q4 2021-2022 in line with its previously announced target. The Company posted full-year revenues of €143.4 million, down 12.3% year-on-year but up 20.7% versus the previous year. The “return to normal” was therefore achieved with a level of business significantly higher than pre-Covid levels, demonstrating the inevitable continuation of the digital transformation trend underpinning the European furniture market.

Performance driven by international sales despite the geopolitical backdrop

IFRS (€000) Q4 2021 Q4 2022 Change
Q4 2021-2022
2021 2022 Change
France 19,450 19,268 -0.9% 88,458 76,250 -13.8%
Northern and Eastern Europe[1] 9,755 11,105 +13.8% 51,552 44,716 -13.3%
Southern Europe[2] 5,037 5,613 +11.4% 23,452 22,443 -4.3%
Total 34,242 35,986 +5.1% 163,462 143,409 -12.3%

All regions posted a marked upswing in Q4 compared to the rest of the year, demonstrating the attractiveness of the offering (breadth, availability, price) as the return of inflation and conflict in Ukraine curbed household morale and purchasing power.

In France (€76.3 million, 53% of full-year revenues), business almost returned to 2021 levels (down 0.9%) over the last three months of the year following a 17.4% decline over the first nine months. The Company has steered its marketing investments with a view to the upcoming marketplace launch (see below).

In Northern and Eastern Europe (€44.7 million, 31% of full-year revenues), Q4 growth reached 13.8% despite the impact of the Ukraine conflict on household consumption in Germany, Austria and Poland. The rest of the region posted strong growth.

Lastly, Southern Europe (€22.4 million, 16% of full-year revenues) posted Q4 revenues up 11.4% driven by growth in all three countries of the region.

Further profitable year target confirmed

The second half was marked by rising inflationary pressure and adverse currency movements. Ultra-tight financial management and judicious adaptation of pricing policy enable to confirm its target of positive adjusted EBITDA[3] in the second half and an exemplary result for FY 2021-2022 (H1 2021-2022 adjusted EBITDA of €6.9 million).

Multiple growth drivers for the coming financial year

The trend towards a return to organic growth witnessed towards the end of the year allows to embark on a further cycle of profitable growth.

This quest to regain market share is supported by the ongoing streamlining of the European retail market and the attractiveness of the offering now bolstered by the launch of the new marketplace. After a successful pilot phase throughout the summer, has just initiated the ramp-up phase. At the moment, over 100,000 new products from 80 meticulously selected vendors have enhanced the customer experience in France prior to gradual roll-out on the international market.

For this purpose, on 1 October 2022 acquired the assets of Distri Service, the operator of the Amblainville logistics platform. The acquisition has strengthened's operational independence by allowing it to provide marketplace customers with a comprehensive service including logistics. 

Next publication: FY 2021-2022 results, Wednesday 11 January 2023


About Vente- unique .com

Founded in 2006, (Euronext Growth – ALVU), a subsidiary of the Cafom Group (Euronext – CAFO), is a European specialist in online furniture and home décor sales. The Company covers 11 countries (France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Switzerland) and has delivered more than 2 million customers since its inception.'s revenues for the 2021-2022 financial year were €143 million.

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[1] Austria + Belgium + Germany + Luxembourg + Netherlands + Poland + Switzerland

[2] Italy + Portugal + Spain

[3] Adjusted EBITDA = earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation + valuation of bonus shares

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