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  OMER-DECUGIS & CIE company press release from 25/09/2023

  25/09/2023 - 19:15

Omer-Decugis and Cie cements its growth ambitions in the ready-to-eat avocado market by acquiring the fruit sorting technology of manufacturing partner Aweta

Rungis, 25 September 2023 – Omer-Decugis & Cie (ISIN: FR0014003T71 – symbol: ALODC), an international group specialising in fresh and exotic fruits and vegetables, today announces the integration into the Group's ripening platform in Rungis of the Aweta sorting solution for its ripened avocado range. This technological development reflects the Group's ambitions in this strategic market segment.

Group technical partner Aweta is the industry leader in maturity sorting and packing solutions for fresh fruit and vegetables. “Ten years ago, we selected Aweta and its innovative technical solutions to support the development of our ripened fruit range, particularly mangoes. Thanks to its technical expertise, unparalleled quest for excellence and in-depth understanding of the regulatory challenges and requirements associated with the fresh produce trade, Aweta is an industry leader and the ideal partner for our Group. It was therefore natural for us to turn to this strategic partner to help develop further our ready-to-eat avocado range”Vincent Omer-Decugis, Chairman and CEO, Omer-Decugis & Cie.

As a specialist in the ripening of bananas and exotic fruits such as mangoes and avocados, for several years Omer-Decugis & Cie has invested to increase its production capacity and harness the market's cutting-edge technologies.

In acquiring this Aweta maturity grading machine, a technical solution already mastered in the ready-to-eat mango segment since 2016, the Group's aim is to ramp up the strategic development launched for avocados, originating from the various production regions in the world. “We already had the know-how and ripening capacity to roll out a ripened avocado offering providing the highest guarantees in terms of food safety and quality and sustainable agriculture. However, we had to rely on innovative technical solutions for industrialising our offer and stepping up our expansion in a growing market”, Grégoire Fanost, Group Sales Manager for the ripened fruit range.

Aweta as a leader on sorting technology for “ready to eat” products is very pleased with the delivery of an avocado sorting machine at our valued partner Siim, a European market leader in fruit ripening and tailor-made ready-to-eat solutions. Both companies share the same vision in terms of company excellence, and we are extremely excited with the evolution of this long-lasting relationship, initiated more than a decade ago. No doubt this renewed partnership between the two front-runners is a milestone in the development of the French avocado market”, Norman van der Gaag, Sales Director Aweta.

Installed at the I1 logistics platform, the Aweta sorting machine will be operational from October. Thanks to its internal (infrared, acoustic and impact sensors) and external (optical cameras) quality sorting capabilities, the sorting machine will allow us to properly select fruit at the end of the ripening stage while reducing production discrepancies. “We have had considerable feedback regarding this technology, which was the springboard for our development in the ripened mango market, and this will enable us to get it up and running quickly and use its full capacity right from its installation. This investment will strengthen the Group's market positioning thanks to the considerable productivity gains achieved in processing volumes that have grown constantly over the last few months”, Eric Sillari, Group Chief Operating Officer.

About Omer-Decugis & Cie

Founded in 1850, Omer-Decugis & Cie is a family group which specialises in fresh fruit and vegetables, particularly exotic ones, for European consumers. The Group covers the entire value chain from production to imports and has specific expertise in ripening. The Group markets fruit sourced mainly from Latin America, Africa and Europe through all distribution networks (supermarkets and superstores, out-of-home foodservice, specialised distribution and fresh cuts). Committed to sustainable agriculture that is respectful of regions and people, the Group scored 83/100 in the EthiFinance ESG Ratings 2022 survey and achieved a gold medal rating of 71/100 in the EcoVadis 2023 analysis, highlighting the maturity of its ESG policy. Established in the Rungis market, Omer-Decugis & Cie posted revenue of €188.6 million for the year ended 30 September 2022, representing over 150,000 tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables distributed.

About Aweta

Aweta is the industry leader when it comes to supply and manufacturing of turnkey solutions for the grading and packing of fresh fruit and vegetables. With more than 55 years of experience in the industry we are recognised as the global technology leader in the market. With sales and service representation in more than 50 countries around the world, Aweta has developed a deep understanding of the local market, its produce and needs. Our optical high-definition sorting systems make it possible to grade products by both external and internal quality. Our solutions are the most technologically advanced sorting, packing and material-handling systems for fresh fruit and vegetables to realise a maximum ROI for our customers and an ever-higher standard for fruit and vegetables for the consumer.


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