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  GROUPE CIOA company press release from 08/09/2022

  08/09/2022 - 08:55

CIOA: a successful summer with 143.7 M USD of contracts signed with China

La Garde (France), September 7th, 2022

CIOA (MLCIO), a collaborative engineering group, announces the signature of important contracts for the supply of agro-food commodities with several Chinese public and private companies.

The contracts range from USD 8.7 million to USD 45 million and are to be executed over 12 months. The implementation of 3 of them for 63.7 M USD has already started.

These contracts are the consequence of the dynamization of its Marketplace thanks to a Broker recruitment campaign, previously announced.

CIOA's Brokers network refers reliable suppliers in their respective environments and introduces qualified buyers.

CIOA, for its part, validates, contracts, and ensures the legal and financial security of transactions, and acts as paymaster for its network.

CIOA aims to offer a full secure procurement service to companies of all sizes, in this period of high tension in international procurement.


CIOA is an engineering and business development group listed on Euronext ACCESS (MLCIO).

Since 1994, CIOA has been helping organizations of all kinds to solve their crucial problems, with innovative solutions that draw on the diversity of its global ecosystem of 550,000 economic operators in 140 countries, including 120,000 suppliers.

In collaborative mode, with its network of co-developers, CIOA provides innovative solutions to help its clients adapt to disruptions, create value, and implement complex projects.

Unique in its kind, CIOA responds to the essential needs of our rapidly changing society.

Thus, CIOA:

  • Increases the resilience of economic operators by strengthening their value-added service chain with procurement, business development, and process rationalization solutions,
  • Provides real estate promotors with offsite construction methods for low-carbon, fast-erecting residential, recreational, and professional buildings.
  • Provides freelancers with diverse work opportunities in a motivating environment.

Groupe CIOA:

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