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  CAPITAL SYSTEME INVESTISSEMENTS company press release from 14/03/2024

  14/03/2024 - 08:00

First Bond Issuance on the Blockchain for a Publicly traded Company

Capital Système Investissements acts as arranger of the first bond issuance on the blockchain for Metavisio, a publicly traded French computer manufacturing company

Geneva, 14 March 2024

Metavisio, a company that creates the computers of tomorrow, high performance, and disruptive design, announced today that it has issued the first tranche of USDC 2 million on the Polygon blockchain with Obligate, the leading on-chain capital markets platform.

The proceeds from this bond issuance of maximum USDC 20 million are earmarked for Metavisio's expansion into manufacturing operations in India, supporting the company's growth strategy and keeping its position as the leader in their segment in France, aiming to consolidate globally. Metavisio, recognized for its innovative computing solutions and having already a significant international presence, will bolster its production capabilities to meet growing demand globally. With a committed order pipeline of $50 million across 52 countries, and an expansion goal covering 195 countries by the end of 2024, this financial initiative is instrumental in Metavisio's continued global expansion.

Stéphan Français, founder and CEO of Metavisio expresses his enthusiasm for the success of this issuance: "By being the first publicly traded company to issue a bond on the blockchain, Metavisio proves that it knows how to stay at the forefront of innovation, and constantly adapt to new technologies and new investors. This on-chain issuance opens doors to unprecedented opportunities thanks to our partner Capital Système Investissements".

Laetitia Maffei, Head of Digital Assets at Capital Système Investissements, explains that “this transaction marks the first digital bond issuance for a public company ever to be conducted without the involvement of traditional banking institutions. It is a very innovative moment for both the financial industry and the decentralized finance (DeFi) environment. It asserts the strong desire of Capital Système Investissements to build bridges between traditional corporate finance and the new decentralized finance, enabling crypto investors to finance the real economy.”

The rating for this issuance was provided by Credora and the off-ramp of USDC to USD was made by Atlendis Flow, a French company regulated as Digital Asset Service Provider (PSAN) by the French Authority for Capital Markets (AMF).

About Metavisio (

Metavisio is the French success story in IT. The company creates the computers of tomorrow, high performance, and disruptive design. The time-to-market strategy distinguishes Metavisio by its agility to bring innovative products to market well before its competitors. Metavisio was awarded best PC at IFA Berlin 2023. Metavisio anticipates a record year with a now complete range (gaming, professional, and consumer products) and sustained international development. The company aims to extend its reach from 52 to 195 countries by the end of 2024, presenting a compelling investment opportunity.

About Capital Système Investissements (

Capital Système Investissements is a financial intermediary regulated in Switzerland and based in Geneva. Specialized since 2001 in complex financing for rapidly expanding companies, Capital Système Investissements offers professional and qualified investors innovative solutions for investing in high-yield private debt and Real World Assets (RWA) through the AMC Uplift High-Yield European Growth ISIN CH1111191230.



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