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  BIO UV company press release from 17/08/2022

  17/08/2022 - 11:05

BIO-UV Group, a long-standing commitment to wastewater reuse with proven solutions and applications

” REUSE is our fight for the preservation of water resources and

we have solutions! “ Benoit Gillmann, CEO of BIO-UV Group

In the context of climate change, population growth and rapid urbanisation, ever increasing demands are being placed on our natural water resources. As a result, wastewater reuse (REUSE) is no longer an option, it is now essential to meet the needs of society and our demands, now and in the future. French company BIO-UV Group, a global leader in chemical-free disinfection, is at the forefront of providing solutions to support the treatment of wastewater for reuse and has taken the lead with the development of technological solutions already proven in this field, both at home in France and throughout the world. These solutions, adapted to specific uses (watering crops, green spaces, or cleaning sidewalks ...) will make it possible to deliver enough water to meet the needs of the population, farmers and industrial processes in the long term.

Treat wastewater with ultraviolet for reuse!

As part of a REUSE project, the treatment of wastewater by ultraviolet type C (UV-C) rays makes it possible to reclaim water that complies with regulations, without the addition of chemicals. Rather than being discharged directly into the natural environment, wastewater will undergo a UV disinfection step by eliminating pathogenic microorganisms. By directly attacking the DNA of viruses and bacteria present in the water, the UV-C reactors designed by BIO-UV Group disinfect the water without endangering human health and delivering VITAL water quality for reuse in agriculture, by public authorities or industrial operators.

Once treated by BIO-UV Group disinfection systems, this water, which complies with regulations, can be recycled for applications that require high water consumption such as irrigation of crops in agriculture, car washing, watering of green spaces, golf courses.

In addition, BIO-UV group also serves industrial applications such as process water for manufacturers, power plants, refineries, mills, and factories that consume vast quantities of clean water that could and should be recycled.

Reuse, a solution that has proven itself in many applications!

BIO-UV Group has been involved for several years in many REUSE projects, including agriculture:

BIO-UV Group is committed alongside Sede (a VEOLIA subsidiary) to the SMART FERTI REUSE project in the Hautes Pyrenees (France) for the irrigation of crops and in particular corn fields. To be able to recycle wastewater for agriculture purposes, BIO-UV Group has equipped the local wastewater plant with one of its UV reactors.

BIO-UV Group also supported the deployment of the IRRI ALT EAU project on the Gruissan plant (South of France): this experiment conducted on 1.5 ha of vines compared the effects of treated wastewater (including BIO-UV Group reactors) to that of drinking water or river water. Result: no differences, neither in the soil, nor in the water quality, nor in the plant, nor in the composition of the harvest and the wine.

Following this successful testing phase, BIO-UV Group has partnered with VEOLIA for the implementation of a REUT Box (in which a BIO-UV Group reactor is integrated) in the Narbonne wine area, which can irrigate 30 hectares of vines with UV-retreated water in drips. Located in the middle of a very dry area in the South of France, this "wet" area can also play an important role as a fire barrier.

Among other projects carried out, the watering of golf courses was one of the first applications of reuse: BIO-UV Group supported the city of Bonifacio (Corsica Island) for the water reclamation from the Bonifacio and Sperone wastewater plants to irrigate the greens of the Sperone golf course. Its UV systems, fitted for the disinfection of treated wastewater from the sewage treatment plant, have made it possible to deliver high-quality REUSE water for irrigation of the golf course, and thus preserve the water resource available to the population.

BIO-UV Group has also contributed to large-scale projects in Morocco, sensitive to the optimization of its water resources, for the irrigation of the Golf of the Ocean near Agadir, by equipping the M'Zar wastewater treatment plant with 6 UV reactors. 

At a time when water resources are constantly drying up, these range of application have demonstrated the effectiveness of REUSE in guaranteeing the quality of crops and green spaces, while preserving the drinking water of the population and recycling large volumes of water consumed in industrial applications.

At present, the world is waking up to the critical need to recycle water and France is far behind in the reuse of its wastewater (currently only 1% is recycled). In comparison, some countries or states – such as Australia, California, Spain, Israel or Singapore – are already optimizing their water resources and meeting 10 to 60% of their water needs through the reuse of treated wastewater.

About BIO-UV Group

For more than 20 years, BIO-UV Group has been designing, manufacturing and marketing water treatment systems using ultraviolet (UV-C), ozone, AOP and salt electrolysis for various applications: swimming pools, aquaculture, aquarium, process water, wastewater, REUSE, drinking water... In 2011, it added ballast water treatment from ships to its range. The company's product range is designed and produced in its own specialized factories in Lunel, and Muret, France, as well as in the UK which allows to quickly respond to the specific requirements of its customers. The company, listed on the stock exchange since July 2018, has a consolidated turnover of 44.3 million euros and a current workforce of 150 employees. More than 50% of the group's sales are made through exports.

Press contact:

The Media Web, David PILO & Sylwia RUS

+33 4 66 72 68 55 – +33 6 20 67 70 37

BIO-UV Group contact:

Isabelle SOST

+33 6 16 26 05 93

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