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  BD MULTIMEDIA company press release from 19/02/2024

  19/02/2024 - 08:30

Acquisition of a majority stake in Olympus Crypto P2E Game

The Group is proud to announce an increase in its shareholding in Olympus Game AD. BD MULTIMEDIA now holds a majority stake in Olympus Game.

This acquisition comes just before a crucial milestone for the Play2Earn game:

  • The launch of the final version of the game,

  • The listing of the Olymp token on the market.

Matthieu Feuillé, CEO of Olympus Game, comments on the acquisition:

"Olympus Game's Play 2 Earn game will launch with its token in production version shortly. Thanks to the support of BD MULTIMEDIA, the project is becoming a reality.

The PSP approval and PSAN status held by BD Multimedia are assets for the future. This ensures that we will be able to meet all future regulatory challenges. The experience of BD MULTIMEDIA's teams has been and will continue to be a major asset.

Olympus Game is one of the only Play 2 Earn games with genuine playability: it fulfils the promise of winning money while having fun, and rewarding the best players. The project has also acquired credibility in terms of the seriousness of the deliverables announced, despite a crypto market context that is not favorable and, in parallel, numerous unscrupulous crypto players.

The game is ready for the next P2E Bull Run! "


Olympus Game is a "play to earn" game based on 3D tower rush gameplay. The story is set in Greek mythology. The game integrates blockchain and NFT technologies. Olympus Game will be available on Binance's BNB blockchain, and will be playable on mobile and PC.

For the player, the aim is to destroy the opponent's columns and temple while protecting his side. Players can collect and upgrade their NFT cards for resale (internal marketplace), or make them available through the "scholarship" system (an exchange for renting NFT cards so that other players can use them).

Olympus Game's aim is to offer the first truly fun and stimulating "play to earn" game on the market, enabling recurring players to earn daily rewards.


NFT "play to earn" games (aka P2E or Play2Earn) allow players to own NFT assets in a video game and increase their value through typical in-game activities such as victories in challenges and battles, e-sport competitions, unlocking upgrades in game progression, purchasing items, etc.

By participating in the game economy, players create value for both the community and the developers. Play-to-earn games then reward players with in-game item gains or tokens.

Many influential web players are enthusiastic about this future revolution in the gaming industry, such as Reddit co-founder Alex Ohanian, who believes that P2E will be the dominant form of gaming in a few years' time.


Game website:

Project whitepaper:

URL for NFT sales:

Marketplace URL:


a fintech-as-a-service shift takes shape

BD Multimedia is a French fintech player in electronic payment services. Drawing on a strong digital culture, the company is focused on creating value-added services through the use of information and web 3 :
  • The parent company obtained a Payment Establishment license from the French regulator (ACPR) in 2015. Since 2023, the company has also been authorized to manage crypto-assets on behalf of third parties (wallet management, crypto exchange, etc.) thanks to its PSAN (digital asset service provider) status obtained from the AMF.
  • The BD MULTIMEDIA HK LTD subsidiary publishes software solutions dedicated to payment services.
  • The subsidiary METACOLLECTOR is a platform for integrating ancient public domain art into the world of NFTs. These NFTs can then be viewed in the metaverse and exchanged between collectors.
  • The UNIQUIRE subsidiary is responsible for the Group's "Curated Fine Art NFTs" platform project.
  • The OLYMPUS GAME subsidiary is developing a "Play to Earn" game whose blockchain-based economy is centered on the $OLYMP token and in-game NFTs.
  • The PAYCOM subsidiary publishes ToneoFirst prepaid Mastercard cards, which are distributed near all tobacconists in France.
BD Multimédia is listed on Euronext Growth (ISIN Code: FR0000035305 / ALBDM).
All financial reports, including the Statutory Auditors' reports, are published on the Euronext website. These can be consulted on the company's website in the "Press and publications/Annual reports" section.

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