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  QUANTUM GENOMICS company press release from 11/09/2019

  11/09/2019 - 19:35

Quantum Genomics Launches Study of Firibastat in Patients with Renal Failure

Quantum Genomics (Euronext Growth - FR0011648971 - ALQGC), a biopharmaceutical company specializing in developing a new drug class that a directly targets the brain to treat resistant hypertension and heart failure, today announced that it is launching an additional study with firibastat, a first-in-class brain aminopeptidase A inhibitor (BAPAI), in patients with renal failure. The enrollment of the first patient in the study is expected in September 2019 and the results of the study are expected in April 2020.

 “The analysis of NEW-HOPE, Quantum Genomics' Phase IIb study of firibastat in hypertension, has demonstrated that firibastat does not negatively impact renal function. This study aims to confirm that firibastat could potentially be used to treat hypertension, in particular, treatment-resistant hypertension or heart failure, even in the case of associated renal failure," said Bruno Besse, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of Quantum Genomics. A drug that can be used even in the case of associated renal failure represents a real benefit for managing hypertensive patients or those with heart failure. If the results of this study are positive, the market for firibastat would be considerably expanded.

Renal failure represents a serious and common comorbidity in patients with hypertension, especially in those with resistant hypertension or heart failure, that can often complicate the treatment of high blood pressure. Most of the current treatment options (ACE inhibitors, sartans, diuretics) in these two pathologies present challenges in the case of associated renal failure, and some are contraindicated, such as specific diuretics and spironolactone.

Firibastat is very weakly eliminated by the kidneys and as a consequence has not resulted in any decline in renal function in subjects treated in the clinical studies conducted so far.

The study (QGC001/1QG4) will examine the safety and tolerance of firibastat in patients with renal failure. The objective of this study, which will cost less than €500K, is to compare the pharmacokinetics and tolerance of a single 500-mg dose of firibastat in 14 healthy volunteers versus 14 patients with severe renal failure. The study will take place at four sites in France and Hungary. All regulatory authorizations have been obtained.

Upcoming events in the coming months

October 3, 6:00 PM: publication of the results for the first half-year of 2019

October 16: company shareholders club evening (date likely to be changed according to events)

November 11-13: Bio Europe in Hamburg

November 16-18: American Heart Association (AHA) Congress in Philadelphia

November 20 -21: Jefferies Conference in London

January 13-16, 2020: JP Morgan/Biotech Showcase Conference in San Francisco

About Quantum Genomics

Quantum Genomics is a biopharmaceutical company specializing in the development of a new class of cardiovascular medications based on brain aminopeptidase A inhibition (BAPAI). Quantum Genomics is the only company in the world exploring this innovative approach that directly targets the brain. The company relies on 20 years of academic research from the Paris-Descartes University and the laboratory directed by Dr. Catherine Llorens-Cortes at the Collège de France (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM)/ the Scientific Centre for National Research (CNRS)). The goal of Quantum Genomics is to develop innovative treatments for complicated, or even resistant, cases of hypertension (around 30% of patients have poor control of their condition or receive ineffective treatment) and for heart failure (one in two patients diagnosed with severe heart failure dies within five years).

Based in Paris and New York, Quantum Genomics is listed on the Euronext Growth exchange in Paris (FR0011648971- ALQGC) and trades on the OTCQX Best Market in the United States (symbol: QNNTF).

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