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  GROUPE GORGE company press release from 17/09/2020

  17/09/2020 - 08:00

Groupe Gorgé launches and redefines engineering and technology consulting services

Engineering projects are increasingly complex. The talents that bring them to life are few and have new professional aspirations, while flexibility is increasingly needed to make costs more variable. To support industry players to thrive on these challenges, Groupe Gorgé is launching, a new generation digital service redefining engineering and technology consulting services with a new ground-breaking vision: EMPOWEERING. The goal: empower companies and consultants in a new way by injecting greater transparency, efficiency and commitment in the relationship of trust between them.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are at the heart of this solution, which makes it possible to generate a rapid and tailor-made matching of engineers / missions.

A traditional model not adapted to new realities

Present for 30 years in high-tech industries, Groupe Gorgé employs nearly 1,000 engineers and offers engineering consulting services through its subsidiary SERES Technologies. As a front-runner, the group detected the emergence of two major trends in its sector:

  • The evolving professional aspirations of today's young generations of engineers, who are looking for greater recognition, autonomy, meaning and impact.
  • The difficulty facing general engineering consulting companies in meeting these ambitions and the persisting lack of transparency that characterises customer relationships.

Groupe Gorgé is innovating to go beyond the limits of the traditional model of outsourced engineering and proposes a new business approach in order to meet both the needs of companies performance-wise, and the new levers of commitment for engineering consultants.

Empoweering is an approach that meets the new needs of talents and engineering consulting customers

Empoweering, or empowerment in engineering, is the ability to free this sector from the obstacles that hinder its smooth functioning.

With empoweering, Groupe Gorgé is restoring consultants and businesses need to work together better, confidently and over the long term. Talented individuals can "regain control" over the choice of consulting assignments and unleash their full potential for committing to a company; the company in turn benefits from all the transparency needed to improve collaboration between in-house teams and outside resources.

StedY: a smart, customised and concrete solution

A pioneer in empoweering, StedY has designed its service offering specifically to meet these challenges. Driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, coupled with HR expertise, the digital interface creates the conditions for more efficient and sustainable collaboration.

A rapid and customised matching process allows the company to benefit from more committed and project-focused talent at no extra cost. Talents can optimise their compensation thanks to a margin rate lower than market standards and converge towards career development.

About StedY

A Groupe Gorgé company, based in Marseilles and Paris, StedY is a new player that digitises and redefines engineering and technology consulting services to respond more effectively to the performance objectives of organisations as well as to the new levers of commitment of engineering consultants. A pioneer in empoweering and driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, StedY gives greater speed and reliability to optimise both "talent/assignment" matching and the success of engineering projects.


About Groupe Gorgé

Founded in 1990, Groupe Gorgé is an independent group that specialises in high-tech industries. Today, the Group is active in the fields of security and protection in extreme environments, as well as in the 3D printing sector.

The Group reported revenue of €274,6 M in 2019 and employs 1,800 employees in over 7 countries.

Groupe Gorgé is listed on Euronext Paris Compartment B |

ISIN code: FR0000062671 | Ticker code: GOE

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Elodie Robbe-Mouillot
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