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  ALPHA MOS company press release from 16/09/2021

  16/09/2021 - 17:30

Alpha MOS launches the expanded use of licenses to use its ArochemBase database, by signing a first deal with the Japanese Shimadzu


Paris, the 16th of September 2021

Alpha MOS launches the expanded use of licenses to use its ArochemBase database, by signing a first deal with the Japanese Shimadzu.

Alpha MOS takes a new step in the expanded use of its database AroChemBase, by signing its first sales of licenses with Shimadzu Japan, one of the world leaders in the manufacture of analysis tools by gas chromatography.

This technology called "GC" - the same as the one used by Alpha MOS for its artificial noses. It allows a sensory analysis of the smell, to evaluate the organoleptic characteristics of products. The practical applications are numerous, increased quality assurance and a decrease in factory failures, along with the acceleration of release of finished product batches.

The “AroChemBase” software module has been designed to identify and characterize the chemical molecules detected during an odor analysis, with the HERACLES electronic nose or any instrument based on the gas chromatography technology. Built and developed over a period of 30 years, it is the result of extensive research and numerous external technical and scientific contributions. AroChembase is a unique proprietary database, which, coupled with IA and statistical analysis tools, allows a fast and reliable interpretation of gas chromatography analysis results.

This combination is expected to significantly increase the reliability of the analytical results and their interpretation. With the addition of the Alpha MOS software database to its hardware, Shimadzu Japan will now be able to offer additional capabilities to its Japanese customers. Shimadzu becomes the first major instrumentation manufacturer to adopt the Alpha MOS database. 


Pierre Sbabo - CEO of Alpha MOS - - +33 5 62 47 53 80

Gildas de la Monneraye - Dentsu Consulting - - +33 6 58 18 78 25

Alpha MOS in short

Alpha MOS (Euronext Paris, ISIN: FR0013421286 ALM), is the world's leading manufacturer of electronic nose, tongue and eye instruments for industrial use. We specialize in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) analysis and the digitization of smell, taste and vision. Founded in 1993, Alpha MOS has offices in France, China and the United States and manages over 1000 installations worldwide.

Shimadzu in short

Recognized expert in the field of complete analytical solutions (health, chemistry, pharmaceutical, environmental and food industries), Shimadzu is a Japanese group manufacturing analysis instruments as well as a global leader on gas chromatography.

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