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  ALPHA MOS company press release from 15/06/2021

  15/06/2021 - 15:00

The University Hospital (CHU) of Toulouse will perform a clinical study for BOYDSense

Toulouse, 15.06.2021

The University Hospital (CHU) of Toulouse will perform a clinical study for BOYDSense, to enhance and validate the accuracy of BOYDSense's non-invasive glucose monitoring device using breath analysis

The University Hospital (CHU) of Toulouse and BOYDSense entered into an agreement to perform a clinical study to enhance and validate on a cohort of 100 people with type 2 diabetes the accuracy of the non-invasive glucose monitoring device developed by Alpha MOS' subsidiary BOYDSense.

This is the second clinical study ordered by BOYDSense. The first one, performed at the University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire on a cohort of 112 people has shown that BOYDSense's patented breath analyzer technology has the potential to meet regulatory
guidelines for accuracy. The goal of the second study is to test and validate the performances of the algorithms developed based on the results of the first study.

As far as next steps are concerned, BOYDSense expects to receive soon the approval of the Institutional review board (Comité de Protection des Personnes) and to start the study in the third quarter of 2021.

This is a very important step for the validation of BOYDSense technology and for people with diabetes. Founded in 2015, BOYDSense ( developed a non-invasive monitoring technology that uses molecular patterns in exhaled breath to calculate blood glucose values. Its first device is a small-form-factor device for personal use. Once commercially available, it will be affordable, will not require consumables, will have a smartphone companion app, and will provide a painless user experience for people having to monitor their metabolism.

“I am convinced that the development of this innovative method of non-invasive glucose monitoring would represent a significant breakthrough expected by a large number of people living with diabetes,” said Professor Gourdy, diabetologist at CHU Toulouse in charge of the clinical study.

Bruno Thuillier, founder of BOYDSense, commented that “We are very happy to cooperate with the University Hospital (CHU) of Toulouse. They have great expertise in testing medical devices and are experts in diabetes. Moreover, it is also very effective to have our R&D and the Clinical Research Organization both based in Toulouse.”

About University Hospital (CHU) Toulouse. CHU is a major hospital in France. In the field of diabetes clinical research, the CHU contributes actively to the progress of clinical and pharmaceutical science. It has the support of Innov'Pôle Santé which aims to accelerate technological and organizational innovation for the benefit of innovative health companies.

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