Actusnews Wire - French company specializing in the dissemination of regulated information

  Security & confidentiality

Whether it concerns the broadcasting of information via the Internet or the creation and maintenance of a third party site, Actusnews makes everything possible to protect the security and confidentiality of its customers' data.

  Infrastructure Layer

  • Sovereign French web hosting and hosting provider;
  • Certified high availability professional hosting with a focus on security and ISO 27001 certification;
  • Monitoring 24/7 of the hosting structure (hardware monitoring).
  • France's leading green host

 Application layer

  • Application Monitoring;
  • Secure Delivery Platform (2.0 256-bit SSL encryption - https);
  • Installation of security patches on its customers' sites and upgrade of CMS versions.
  • Implementation of the first control and authentication system for press releases (ACTUSNEWS SECURITY MASTER) - Awarded by Finance innovation.


  • Data is hosted on European data centers
  • The broadcasting platform is developed and maintained by Actusnews itself;
  • The interventions on client sites (creation/maintenance) are carried out by the Actusnews webmaster team.


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