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  THERANEXUS company press release from 09/09/2020

  09/09/2020 - 18:00


  • New research partnership with the University of Lyon (CERMEP)
  • New scientific publications
  • Presentation at the European Congress of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP)


Lyon, 9 September 2020 – Theranexus, a biopharmaceutical company innovating in the treatment of neurological diseases and pioneer in the development of drug candidates modulating the interaction between neurons and glial cells, is pleased to announce a research partnership with the University of Lyon (CERMEP), several new scientific publications and its participation in the 33rd European Congress of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP), due to take place from 12 to 15 September 2020.


A constructive research partnership with the University of Lyon (CERMEP)

The "Brain Imaging for Drug Discovery (BI2D)" research partnership with CERMEP was set up to develop and validate innovative neuroimaging tools for enhanced visualization of the impact of drugs on the brain, and more specifically on neurons and glial cells. The project is supported by a grant of nearly €200,000 from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, awarded to Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University via its Radiopharmaceutical and Neurochemical Biomarkers academic research laboratory (BIORAN) and CERMEP regional imaging platform.

The partnership has already led to two publications. The first, based on the use of a new functional ultrasound imaging technology, is a preclinical paper on THN201, entitled "Pharmaco-fUS for characterizing drugs for Alzheimer's disease – The case of THN201, a drug combination of donepezil plus mefloquine,"[1] in Frontiers in Neuroscience. The article reports on research using mouse models that once again reveals how mefloquine potentiates the impact of donepezil on the activity of the brain structures involved in Alzheimer's disease, especially the hippocampus.

A second article entitled "Functional ultrasound imaging to study brain dynamics: Application of pharmaco-fUS to atomoxetine"[2] has recently been published in Neuropharmacology. It reports on the use of ultrasound imaging as a tool to determine the profile of drugs targeting the central nervous system and improve understanding of the mechanism of action of drugs active in the brain.


Three other new scientific publications in prestigious neurology and pharmacology journals

The preclinical proof of concept of THN201,"Efficacy of THN201, a Combination of Donepezil and Mefloquine, to Reverse Neurocognitive Deficits in Alzheimer's Disease,"[3] was published in Frontiers in Neuroscience. This research revealed the superiority of THN201 over donepezil in terms of cognitive performance (learning and memory) for the first time in rodents, based on two models of Alzheimer's disease. It also highlights the role of connexins as therapeutic targets in Alzheimer's disease. 

Another publication entitled "Quantitative automated assays in living cells to screen for inhibitors of hemichannel function," produced in collaboration with the CEA in Grenoble, is currently under publication in the scientific journal SLAS Discovery. It reports on the development of a screening tool for connexin hemichannel activity. More than 2,000 FDA- and EMA-approved drugs were screened and new compounds modulating connexin hemichannels were identified.

Finally, the article "Innovative approaches in CNS drug discovery," which describes innovative approaches to central nervous system disorders, is also set to be published soon in the journal Therapies. The article describes several innovative approaches in the field of drug discovery for CNS disorders and draws on research performed by Theranexus.


A presentation at the 33rd Virtual European Congress of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP), which will run from 12 to 15 September 2020


Mathieu Charvériat, Theranexus Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder, will be chairing a session on neuroglial interactions in CNS disorders entitled "Beyond the neuron-centric paradigm: targeting astrocytes and neuroglial interactions in CNS disorders"[4] on Sunday 13 September from 4.10 to 5.20pm. During this session, he will give a first presentation on targeting astroglial connexins in CNS disorders entitled "Theranexus – targeting astroglial connexins in central nervous systems disorders."

"We are deeply honored that our research has been recognized by our peers, thereby demonstrating the scientific expertise of Theranexus and that of our academic partners. This research confirms the major role of neuron-glial cell interactions as novel therapeutic targets and raises new hopes for patients suffering from nervous system disorders," concludes Franck Mouthon, Chairman, CEO and co-founder of Theranexus.








Theranexus is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that emerged from the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) in 2013. It develops drug candidates for the treatment of nervous system diseases. Theranexus identified the key role played by non-neuronal cells (also known as “glial cells”) in the body's response to psychotropic drugs (which target the neurons). The company is a pioneer in the design and development of drug candidates affecting the interaction between neurons and glial cells. The unique, patented technology used by Theranexus is designed to improve the efficacy of psychotropic drugs already approved and on the market, by combining them with a glial cell modulator. This strategy of combining its innovations with registered drugs means Theranexus can significantly reduce development time and costs and considerably increase the chance of its drugs reaching the market.

The proprietary, adaptable Theranexus platform can generate different proprietary drug candidates offering high added-value for multiple indications.

Theranexus is listed on the Euronext Growth market in Paris (FR0013286259- ALTHX).

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