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  THERANEXUS company press release from 09/04/2019

  09/04/2019 - 07:30


The collaboration, in line with the new Neurolead platform, aims to enhance the selection and qualification capabilities of new therapeutic assets targeting neuroglial interactions.

Lyon, 9th April 2019 – Theranexus, a biopharmaceutical company innovating in the treatment of neurological diseases and pioneer in the development of drug candidates modulating the interaction between neurons and glial cells, announces the launch of a new bioinformatics research partnership with Dyliss, a Rennes-based research team of IRISA (Institute for Research in Computer Science and Random Systems) to enhance the selection and qualification of new therapeutic assets on neuroglial interactions.

Dyliss (Dynamics, Logics and Inference for biological Systems and Sequences) is an IRISA research team comprised of data scientists specialized in systems biology. The team boasts outstanding expertise in data integration, dynamic modeling and semantic web technologies. The collaboration program seeks to integrate and structure the highly diverse biological data available concerning the regulation of neurons and glial cells. The resulting in-depth knowledge will enable the extraction of qualified information of use to the selection of new therapeutics assets and thus to the early detection of their value potential. This collaboration, combining the artificial intelligence expertise of the Dyliss team with Theranexus' therapeutic research and development capabilities, fits logically within the recently announced program to develop the new Neurolead platform.

“We are very excited to be starting this collaboration with the Dyliss team, who bring to the table world-class data science expertise. At Theranexus, we have no doubt about the time-saving and value gains of appropriate artificial intelligence solutions, at the individual project level, combined with medical, biological and technological expertise for our new therapeutic assets. This new collaboration emphasizes our commitment to extending and systematizing the concept of therapeutic targeting of neuroglial interactions to address the significant and compelling needs of patients, a concept for which we aim to play a leading role,” stated Mathieu Charvériat, Chief Scientific Officer for Theranexus.

“Our team is delighted to be launching this research collaboration alongside Theranexus, an innovative company firmly dedicated to interdisciplinary collaborative approaches. Looking beyond its scientific merits, this partnership will provide a further application of our research and tools, addressing brain diseases in serious need of therapeutic innovation,” concluded Anne Siegel, research director at the CNRS and leader of the Dyliss group.


About the Dyliss team

Dyliss (DYnamics, Logics and Inference for biological systems and sequences) is a joint bioinformatics research team by Rennes 1 University, CNRS and Inria. It focuses on sequences and biological systems analysis. It develops formal and knowledge-based methods for integrating and analyzing heterogeneous data. These approaches aim at identifying the key actors that control a biological system's response to perturbations of its environment and characterizing how these actors interact with the system. An important application for health is identifying complex signatures for pathologies.



Theranexus is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that emerged from the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) in 2013. It develops drug candidates for the treatment of nervous system diseases. Theranexus identified the key role played by non-neuronal cells (also known as “glial cells”) in the body's response to psychotropic drugs (which target the neurons). The company is a pioneer in the design and development of drug candidates affecting the interaction between neurons and glial cells. The unique, patented technology used by Theranexus is designed to improve the efficacy of psychotropic drugs already approved and on the market, by combining them with a glial cell modulator. This strategy of combining its innovations with registered drugs means Theranexus can significantly reduce development time and costs and considerably increase the chance of its drugs reaching the market.
The proprietary, adaptable Theranexus platform can generate different proprietary drug candidates offering high added-value for multiple indications.
Theranexus is listed on the Euronext Growth market in Paris (FR0013286259- ALTHX).
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