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  THERANEXUS company press release from 07/05/2018

  07/05/2018 - 07:30

Theranexus presentation at the International Connexins Symposium (Vancouver 14-15 May 2018)

Lyon, France, May 7, 2018 – Theranexus, a clinical stage innovative biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the treatment of neurological diseases, today announces that its co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer Mathieu Charvériat will make a presentation entitled "Targeting connexins as a new avenue of treatment for neurological diseases" at the session on Bridging the Therapeutic Gap with Connexin and Pannexin Modulators, on May 15th at 9 am, Granville Island's hotel, Vancouver, Canada. This conference, organised by Professors Christian Naus and Luc Leybaert, assembles international opinion leaders in the field of connexins.

Theranexus, a biopharmaceutical company that emerged from the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), has discovered the role of glial cells (and in particular some of their proteins, called connexins) in the body's response to psychotropic drugs. The company's research has shown that it is possible to boost the efficacy of such drugs by targeting the glial cells.

"Work on the interactions between neurons and glial cells, which has been booming these past few years, is now revolutionising the field of neuroscience. The targeting of glial cells, which make up 50% of our brains, is a significant innovation in the treatment of nervous system diseases," explains Mathieu Charvériat, Chief Scientific Officer at Theranexus.

Prof. Christian Naus from University of British Columbia adds, "The targeting of connexins is a breakthrough innovation in the treatment of nervous system pathologies, and we are pleased that Theranexus is taking part in this conference." Prof. Luc Leybaert from Ghent University concludes by noting that "The role of the glial cells has long been underestimated, and they have been passed off as merely supportive cells. Theranexus is exploring a highly original approach of combining neuronal and glial drug targeting."

To capitalise on the opportunities offered by its innovative technology, Theranexus has deployed a particularly effective platform for generating candidate drugs. Using its own patented technology, Theranexus has chosen to develop candidate drugs from existing recorded drug combinations, joining the reference psychotropic drug for the indication in question with a drug that has been repositioned as a glial cell modulator. The candidate drugs thus generated demonstrate superior results during the earliest phases (compared to the reference treatment), and should continue to do so throughout development. They address major and unmet medical needs.

With this disruptive approach, Theranexus is developing three candidate drugs for four indications in neurological disorders: THN102 is positioned to combat sleep arousal disorders in narcoleptics and Parkinson's sufferers, while THN201 and THN101 are positioned to treat neurocognitive disorders in Alzheimer's disease and neuropathic pain, respectively.


Theranexus is a biopharmaceutical company that emerged from the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) in 2013. It develops drug candidates for the treatment of central nervous system (CNS) diseases. Theranexus identified the key role played by non-neuronal cells (also known as “glial cells”) in the body's response to psychotropic drugs (which target the neurons). It now designs and develops the first drugs to act simultaneously on both these cell populations within the brain. The unique, patented technology used by Theranexus is designed to improve the efficacy of psychotropic drugs already approved and on the market, by combining them with a glial cell modulator. This strategy of combining its innovations with registered drugs means Theranexus can significantly reduce development time and costs and considerably increase the chance of its drugs reaching the market.
The proprietary, adaptable Theranexus platform can generate different proprietary drug candidates offering high added-value for multiple indications.
Theranexus is listed on the Euronext Growth market in Paris (FR0013286259- ALTHX).
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