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  SES-IMAGOTAG company press release from 25/10/2019

  25/10/2019 - 07:45

SES-imagotag: 9-month Sales 2019 EUR 171.5m (+40%)

  • 2019 Q3 Sales at €50.1m (+22%)
  • 2019 Q3 Order entries at €93.5m (+97%)
  • 9-Month Sales at €171.5m (+40%) and rolling 12 months at €237.2m (+62%)
  • 9-Month Orders at €216.8m (+17%) and rolling 12 months at €282.6m (+16%)
  • On track to deliver FY Sales Growth of ca.+30%
  • Growth acceleration in 2020 in line with VUSION plan
Sales €M France International Total
Q3 2018 11.7 29.3 41.0
Q3 2019 14.9 35.2 50.1
% change +28.0% +19.9% +22.2%
9M 2018 37.9 84.3 122.2
9M 2019 48.5 123.0 171.5
% change +28.0% +45.9% +40.3%
2018 Rolling 12 months 50.8 95.2 146.0
2019 Rolling 12 months 70.1 167.1 237.2
% change +37.9% +75.6% +62.5%

NB: Please note sales performance are presented in €M in the table above, while ratios are based on euro amounts.

Thierry Gadou, SES-imagotag Group Chairman and CEO commented:Our Q3 performance confirms that we are firmly on track to achieve our growth forecast for the year. We also noticed a marked acceleration in our order book in the Quarter. We are particularly encouraged by the fact that major retailers now see smart labelling as one of their key investment priorities. When we speak with retailers about their needs, the majority say they regard our VUSION platform as the best solution on offer to deal with their issues regarding performance, ability to interact with customers, and data security. We are receiving similar responses all around the globe hence, as expected, our growth outside Europe is accelerating. Going into the Second Half of the Year we expect Asia and North America to account for around 20% of Sales, more than 40% of new Orders, and likely ca. 25% of FY 2020 sales.
We are now into Q4, typically the busiest quarter of the year. Our objective is to deliver on our organic growth target for the year (c. +30%) and exceed the level of €300M for FY Order Intake. This will put us firmly on the path to achieving our VUSION Plan target of FY Sales of €400M in 2020



Sales in Q3 were €50.1M (+22.2%), reflecting continuing momentum within the business as well as the usual seasonal lower activity in Q3. The increase was broadly based on growth in France and in International sales.

Cumulatively at the Nine-Month stage, Sales were €171.5M, an increase of +40.3%, compared with 9M 2018. This performance puts the Group well on its way to achieving its declared objective of +30% Revenue Growth for FY2019.

On a rolling 12-month basis, Sales were €237.2M (+62.5%), with International representing over 70% of total sales.


Order entries

Orders nearly doubled in Q3 to €93.5M (+97.0%), compared to Q3, 2018. This performance was driven by a strong international momentum.
Cumulative 9 Months order intake stood at €216.8M (+17.0%) while rolling 12 months order intake reached a record €282.6M.

(€m) 2019 2018 %
H1 123.3 137.9 -10.6%
Q3 93.5 47.5 +97.0%
9M 216.8 185.3 +17.0%
Rolling 12 months 282.6 244.3 +15.7%

NB: Please note sales performance are presented in €M in the table above, while ratios are based on euro amounts.



SES-imagotag is seeing growing recognition of the value of its VUSION cloud based IoT platform which is reflected in the strong Order Intake during the Quarter, a leading indicator of future sales. With pressures on its retail customer base continuing to drive the search for store efficiency and shopper connectivity solutions, demand is expected to remain strong.

With 9M Cumulative Sales of €171.5M, compared with FY 2018 Sales of €188M, the Group is well on the way to achieving its objective of ca.+30% growth in Sales for 2019 as a whole. The strong inflow of new Orders is expected to further drive sales in the coming quarters. With the current growth trajectory expected to continue, the Group is targeting €400M of annual sales by 2020 as set out in the VUSION 22 Plan.


About SES-imagotag

For 25 years, SES-imagotag has been the trusted partner of retailers for in-store digital technology. SES-imagotag, the worldwide leader in smart digital labels and pricing automation, has developed a comprehensive IoT and digital platform that delivers a complete set of services to retailers.

The SES-imagotag solution enables retailers to connect and digitally transform their physical stores; automate low-value-added processes; improve operational efficiency; inform and serve customers; ensure information integrity to continuously optimize on-hand inventory; prevent stock-outs and waste and create an omni-channel service platform that builds loyalty and meets evolving consumer expectations.

SES-imagotag is listed in compartment B of the Euronext™ Paris

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