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  OL GROUPE company press release from 14/06/2019

  14/06/2019 - 20:30


Lyon, 14 June 2019


Olympique Lyonnais is pleased to announce that it has signed a long-term agreement with “Pelé Academia”, the football academy sponsored by the legendary Brazilian footballer, to support its launch and development.

As part of the agreement, Olympique Lyonnais will acquire a minority (10%) stake in the Brazilian company Gol de Placa, which manages Resende, a Brazilian club that plays in the first division of the state of Rio de Janeiro, and “Pelé Academia”. Both the club and the academy will use facilities inaugurated in December 2018 covering more than 100,000 sq. m. in Resende, with six football pitches, accommodation for 128 young footballers, classrooms, etc.

Olympique Lyonnais will be represented on the Board of Directors of Gol de Placa by Gilbert Saada, a member of OL Groupe's Board of Directors and Chairman of Lift Value.

Resende and Olympique Lyonnais have also signed a partnership agreement, through which Resende will benefit from OL's training expertise and OL will have the opportunity to recruit young players trained at the academy.

Olympique Lyonnais is delighted to enter into these agreements with first-tier Brazilian partners that have extensive football experience.

This partnership dovetails with the international development of the OL brand and reflects the strong ties between Olympique Lyonnais and Brazil. Its inception coincides with the arrival of Juninho, OL's new Sporting Director and Sylvinho, the new manager.

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