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  OL GROUPE company press release from 25/07/2018

  25/07/2018 - 18:00



Lyon, July 25, 2018


Revenue - In € m
(from 1 July to 30 June)
30/06/18* 30/06/17 Chg. €m Chg. %
Ticketing 37.3 44.0 -6.6 -15%
of which French Ligue 1 30.9 29.4 +1.4 +5%
of which European play 6.3 13.6 -7.3 -53%
of which other matches 0.1 0.9 -0.8 -85%
Sponsoring – Advertising 30.1 29.1 +1.0 +4%
Media and marketing rights 65.2 98.9 -33.7 -34%
of which LFP-FFF 51.0 49.3 +1.6 +3%
of which UEFA 14.2 49.6 -35.4 -71%
Events 15.6 9.2 +6.4 +70%
Brand-related revenue (1) 16.0 17.1 -1.1 -7%
of which derivative products 10.6 9.6 +1.0 +11%
of which image/video, travel and other 5.4 7.6 -2.2 -29%
Revenue, excluding player trading 164.2 198.3 -34.1 -17%
Revenue from sale of player registrations 125.3 51.7 +73.6 +142%
Total revenue 289.5 250.0 +39.5 +16%

*figures are preliminary, estimated and unaudited

  1. At constant structure (excluding OL Voyages, sold as of 30 June 2017), brand-related revenue increased by €1.8 million (+12%).

TICKETING: €37.3 MILLION (DOWN €6.6 MILLION, OR -15%) without Champions League, with Europa League

The new pricing strategy with a more versatile range of ticket prices, in place for Ligue 1 since the OL/Metz match on October 29, 2017, has paid off, boosting average attendance by 6,834 spectators (46,005 spectators on average for the 2017/2018 season) and increasing championship ticketing revenue by €1.4 million (€30.9 million for 2017/2018).

European ticketing revenue was impacted by the different competitions in which the Club participated, and the number of matches played (2017/2018: round of 16 in the Europa League; 2016/2017: group stage of the Champions League and semi-finals in the Europa League) and totalled €6.3 million vs. €13.6 million for the prior year.

Average matchday(1) revenue for all competitions combined, including mainly general public and VIP ticketing and merchandising revenue, stood at €1.8 million at 30 June 2018 (€1.7 million for 2016/2017), resulting in a gross margin of more than 51% (nearly 52% in 2016/2017). Total attendance was once again well in excess of one million, at 1,062,349 spectators for the 2017/2018 season.

(1) Men's professional team matches


Revenue from sponsorships was up slightly by 4%. Revenue related to naming was offset in particular by terminations or reductions of construction sponsorship contracts put in place at the time the stadium was built.

MEDIA AND MARKETING RIGHTS: €65.2 MILLION (DOWN €33.7 MILLION, OR -34%) without Champions League, with Europa League

This business line was directly impacted by the difference in European tournaments, which led to a €35.4 million drop in UEFA media rights (Europa League round of 16 in 2017/2018 vs. Champions' League group stage and Europa League semi-finals in 2016/2017).

National media rights, on the other hand, rose slightly by 3% to €51.0 million vs. €49.3 million the prior year, with third place in Ligue 1 (and fourth place the prior year).

EVENTS: €15.6 MILLION (UP €6.4 MILLION, OR +70%)

This new business line, started in 2016 with the opening of the new stadium, generated more than €15 million for the year, driven by strong growth in the “major events” business, with revenue of €11.4 million at 30 June 2018 (vs. €5.1 million, or up 118% over the prior year). This performance was the result of prestigious and especially rich programming during the year, with a Céline Dion concert, a France/All Blacks rugby match, the UEFA Europa League final, two TOP 14 semi-finals, a World Cup pre-tournament football match (France/USA), as well as a Monster Jam. The BtoB and BtoC activities (seminars, conventions, stadium tours) were fairly stable at €4,2 million (€4.1 million the previous year).

BRAND-RELATED REVENUE: €16.0 MILLION (DOWN €1.1 MILLION, OR -7%; at constant structure, up €1.5 million, or +10%)

At constant structure (excluding business from OL Voyages, sold as of 30 June 2017), brand-related revenue was up €1.5 million (+10%), primarily due to the continued growth in revenue from merchandising activities of €10.6 million for the year (vs. €9.6 million over 2016/2017, or up 11%).


Revenue from sale of player registrations reached €125.3 million, their highest level on record, demonstrating the Academy's excellence as well as the Club's ability to recruit and add value with young talented players. Revenue from the sale of player registrations related to players from the OL Academy was €90 million (more than 70% of the total), generating a 100% gain. For the sixth consecutive season, the OL Academy made it to the top of the annual rankings for training centres in France where it overtook Paris Saint-Germain and AS Monaco.


For the 2018/2019 year, the Group already has a very clear view of its revenue growth, thanks to: i) its qualification in the Champions League group which automatically generated an increase in European ticketing revenue and UEFA media rights; and ii) the 33% increase in total UEFA media rights (Champions League and UEFA media rights) for the 2018-2021 period. Moreover, the group saw a significant increase in the value for its active players (up €144 million, or 67% on average according to the Transfermarkt and CIES websites) between June 30, 2017 (€216 million) and June 30, 2018 (€360 million).

Starting with the 2020/2021 season, the group should benefit from the results of the tender for Ligue 1 media rights announced in May. These rights, which totalled €726.5 million per year for the 2016-2020 period, have been awarded to the Mediapro group for €1,153 million per year for the 2020-2024 period, a total increase of nearly 60%.

Over the medium term, OL Groupe confirms its strategy centred on the repeated elite sport performance by its professional teams and on its key pillars, in particular using its infrastructure to develop greater recurrent revenue (especially for “Events”), and its training centre, which produces young talent and is a major source of value creation. Based on this strategy, over the medium term the group intends to be among the 20 largest European clubs.

On 26 June, OL Groupe launched its Shareholders' Club. The goal of this Shareholders' Club is to develop and reinforce relations between OL Groupe and its shareholders and OSRANE holders by promoting the exchange of ideas and rewarding their loyalty.
Free and open to any holder of at least one share or one OSRANE OL Groupe, the Shareholders' Club will develop a privileged relationship with its members. To join, go to

 “This document contains indications about OL Groupe's goals. Known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors may affect the achievement of these goals, and consequently, OL Groupe's future results, performance and achievements may differ significantly from implied or stated goals. These factors could include changes to the economic and business environment, regulations, and risk factors detailed in OL Groupe's 2015/16 Registration Document and First-half Financial Report 2016/17.”

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Men's team

  • French Championship: 3rd place (automatic qualification for the UEFA Champions League 2018/2019)
  • UEFA Europa League: round of 16
  • Coupe de la Ligue: round of 16
  • Coupe de France: quarter-finals

Women's team

  • French Championship: 12th consecutive title
  • UEFA Champions League: 3rd consecutive title
  • Coupe de France: finalist


  • Alexandre Lacazette – Arsenal: €50.1 million
  • Alan Dzabana - Le Havre: €0.7 million
  • Emanuel Mammana - Zenit Saint Petersburg: 14.2 million
  • Maciej Rybus – Lokomotiv Moscow: €1.6 million
  • Willem Geubbels - AS Monaco: €20 million
  • Romain Del Castillo – Rennes: €2 million
  • Aldo Kalulu – FC Basel: €2.1 million
  • Jean-Philippe Mateta – Mainz: €7.2 million
  • Mouctar Diakhaby – FC Valencia: €14.8 million
  • Nicolas Nkoulou – FC Torino: €3.5 million transfer + on loan for €0.5 million
  • Sergi Darder - Espanyol Barcelona: €7.9 million transfer + on loan for €0.3 million
  • Incentives and miscellaneous: €0.4 million