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  INVIBES ADVERTISING company press release from 16/02/2018

  16/02/2018 - 18:25


Paris, 15 February 2018 - INVIBES ADVERTISING, an advanced technology company specialized in digital in-feed advertising, has published its turnover for financial year 2017.

Pre-audit consolidated figures (in thousands of euros) 31/12/2016 31/12/2017 Change
TURNOVER 2,691 3,882 +44%

Spurred by a sharp acceleration in sales in the second half of the year, INVIBES ADVERTISING reported turnover of €3.9 million for 2017, versus €2.7 million in 2016, up 44% on the previous period.

This performance is the result of a virtuous strategy focused on several key areas:

  • Technological innovation. INVIBES ADVERTISING is built on powerful technological DNA and has a proprietary platform that it can tailor to the performance requirements of advertisers, thanks to three key pillars:
    • FORMATS: increasingly innovative and high-performance advertising experiences aimed at greater interaction with Internet users. Three new formats that were already a success with advertisers in 2017: Reveal, Gyro 360 and Play S.
    • DATA: contextual and behavioral data on Internet users (when they read articles on their smartphones or computers) to target campaigns more effectively
    • REACH: the Invibes platform can manage, in real time, the display of multiple ads on several million page views per day.
  • Expanding its partnership network INVIBES ADVERTISING continues to expand its network of publisher partners to increase the visibility of its in-feed formats on several media platforms. Today the network includes over 120 press websites, the majority of which belong to media groups such as CCM Benchmark, Lagardère, Prisma and Altice Media.
  • Client satisfaction. INVIBES ADVERTISING maintains an end-to-end commercial relationship with agencies throughout the campaign process. Responsive and flexible, the Group provides the agile support needed to optimize campaigns and guarantee the best possible performance.

Thanks to this ability to seamlessly meet advertisers' needs, the Group landed a number of major accounts in 2017, including Opel with In-Feed Reveal, Citroën with Invibes Play and Microsoft with the Play S. All told, INVIBES ADVERTISING managed campaigns for close to 140 leading advertisers in 2017, compared with around 100 in 2016.

Internationally, Spain managed its first campaigns with BMW, Seat and Ikea. However, it did not record significant earnings for the period and, like Switzerland, is expected to pick up pace over the next financial year.

Supported by this increase in turnover, coupled with the sound management of its margins and fixed costs, the Group expects its EBITDA to rise sharply in 2017.

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Created in 2011, Invibes Advertising is an advanced technology company specialized in digital advertising. It has developed advertising solutions supported by an in-feed format (integrated into media content) inspired by social networks and optimized for diffusion in a closed network of media sites (CCM Benchmark, Lagardère, Team Media and Prisma). Clients include major brands Cisco, Danone, Groupe Mulliez, PSA, SBB, SNCF, Swissquote and Volkswagen. INVIBES ADVERTISING is a Pass French Tech 2016 accredited company.

It is listed on the Euronext Paris stock exchange (Ticker: MLINV – ISIN: BE0974299316)

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