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  GECI INTERNATIONAL company press release from 25/09/2018

  25/09/2018 - 18:00

2018-19 Financial Targets

  • first steps FROM the transformation plan completed
  • Security Services and Solutions Platform LaunchED
  • 2018-19 financial targets

Realigning itself around its most buoyant markets, while capitalizing on its experience, putting in place an integrated and optimized organization, restoring its margins...these were the challenges facing and successfully met by GECI International over the last two years.



The Israeli subsidiary GECI ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES has developed, with its local partners, Triple Cyber and Cyber X, a range of solutions to secure and protect IT and OT networks for industrial groups, mid-market firms and SMEs. After launching its first commercial operations, the GECI International Group is opening a Security Operations Center (SOC) in October 2018, providing the Group's experts with the physical and technological capabilities to cover all industrial information and control systems.

With the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), it is crucial for industrial groups to protect themselves against cyberattacks. The GECI International Group enables them to meet this challenge by offering continuous real-time monitoring services, based on the solutions developed by TripleCyber (networks) and CyberX (Internet of Things), two global market leaders, which the Group has set up partnerships with this year.

These solutions and services will be operated capitalizing on the teams from the new service center in Roanne (France), operational from October 2018.
This covers a wide range of security services, from risk mapping to system protection, continuous and predictive monitoring, real-time detection and reactive incident management. It makes it possible to meet the most critical demands of clients in France and around the world.

Lastly, to further strengthen its catalogue, the Group is launching its incubator GILAB (GECI Innovation LAB) and welcoming on board its first startup, an innovative young company that groups together self-employed professionals specialized in IT risks and security.

The Group has a comprehensive security solutions and services platform to offer its clients high value-added projects enabling them to successfully and securely move forward with their digital transformation.

Over the medium term, the Group plans to develop its cybersecurity offers in Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Portugal and Brazil, based on its French and Brazilian subsidiaries.



The GECI International Group's business model is built around its ability to combine deep market expertise with strong value-added technological capabilities. The Group's ambition is to develop breakthrough solutions that help its clients to effectively manage increasingly complex environments marked by the proliferation of technologies, ultra-connected digital ecosystems and growing needs for robust, quick and effective solutions across the critical chain.

With the integration of next-generation technologies, the development of service platforms and the expansion of its international presence, the GECI International Group is further strengthening its positioning on its most innovative markets and ramping up its levels of more complex, international and package-based projects.

Serge Bitboul, the Group's Chairman, CEO and founder: “We have expertise in a number of areas. For instance, we have recognized expertise for auto manufacturing, research and design. Combined with our cybersecurity and systems development capabilities, we are effectively positioned to cover the fascinating field of autonomous vehicles, which we are already very active on. These capabilities are illustrated by our subsidiary Etud Integral, which has just won the contract to design and develop the autonomous shuttle Milla, created by the startup ISFM and selected in April this year for the Ubimobility program, targeting its presentation at the Las Vegas show in January 2019”.



The Group, a digital services and technology consulting specialist, is looking ahead to the year with confidence thanks to the growth achieved, with revenues up 24% in the first quarter.

In a positive environment, the Group is targeting full-year revenues of over €32m for 2018-19. Its effective cost management and development of various operational drivers are expected to deliver a significant improvement in operational profitability, and the Group aims to achieve a current operating margin of over 6% of revenues for FY 2018-19.

“We are now embarking on a new plan for 2018 to 2020, based on the premiumization of our solutions and expanding our scope for action. Our objectives for 2019 are ambitious and will involve a number of challenges linked to GECI International's capacity for innovation, which it has always successfully delivered on. This is our trademark!”, concludes Serge Bitboul, Chairman, CEO and founder.


GECI International is addressing the key technological challenges facing our society (Smart Transport, Smart Energy, Smart City, etc.) by offering its clients an integration platform, from R&D through to project implementation, against a backdrop of industrial and information system security. For 35 years, GECI International has successfully demonstrated its ability to lead major complex projects, bringing together a global network of technological and strategic partners and innovative high-growth companies.
GECI International is listed on the regulated market Euronext Paris - Compartment C - and is part of the CAC Small and CAC Technology indices. GECI International is eligible for the SRD long-only deferred settlement service.
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