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  FIGEAC AERO company press release from 04/07/2019

  04/07/2019 - 07:00


  • Revenue growth at constant scope and exchange rates: +13.6%
  • Growth in current EBITDA margin at constant scope and exchange rates: 18.1%
  • Increase in net income adjusted for unrealised currency effects to €14.3m
  • Positive growth in cash flow from operations to €85.6m
  • Target met, with positive free cash-flows reaching €12.4m

The FIGEAC AÉRO Group (ticker: FGA), a leading partner for major aerospace manufacturers, has today released its full-year 2018/19 results (year ended 31 March 2019), which are currently being audited. The Audit Committee met on 28 June 2019 and the accounts will be approved by the Board of Directors on 30 July 2019.

€k - IFRS at 31/03 2017/18[1] 2018/19 LFL change[2]
Revenue[3] 370,705 427,956 13.6%
Current EBITDA[4] 61,028 75,957 25.0%
Current EBITDA / Revenue 16.46% 17.75%  
EBITDA 56,797 69,709  
EBITDA / Revenue 15.30% 16.29%  
Depreciation and amortisation (30,890) (35,840)  
Net provisions 227 (1,034)  
Current operating income 26,134 32,835  
COI / Revenue 7.05% 7.67%  
Other operating income 1,381 1,066  
Other operating expenses (4,111) (3,464)  
Operating income 23,404 30,437  
Cost of net financial debt (6,132) (9,733)  
Realised currency gains & losses (6,085) (2,729)  
Unrealised gains & losses on financial instruments 16,668 (4,824)  
Other financial income and expenses (115) (563)  
Income tax (5,987) (1,747)  
Net income adjusted for unrealised currency effects 10 641 14 313  
Net income including unrealised currency effects 21 753 10 840  
Net income group share, including unrealised currency effects 21 790 11 058  

An improved operating performance

The Group continued to grow in 2018/19, with revenue growth at constant scope and exchange rates reaching +13.6% and total revenue coming to €428m.

The Aerostructures division accounted for 87% of the Group's revenue and remained the overall growth driver (+13.7% reported and +13.5% lfl). The other business activities delivered a growth rate of 14.5% lfl (+28.1% reported).

The strong revenue momentum went hand in hand with an increase in current EBITDA to €76.0m, which included a dilutive impact following the acquisition of TOFER (-€0.8m) and an impact resulting from a variation in the €/$ exchange rate (+€0.5m). At constant scope and exchange rates, current EBITDA expanded by 25% to €76.3m, pushing the margin up by 170bp to 18.1%.

Current EBITDA for the Aerostructures division reached €72.7m, corresponding to an increase of 90bp on the back of improved productivity. Current EBITDA for the other business activities jumped to €3.2m, primarily thanks to positive momentum in the surface treatment business.

At constant scope and exchange rates, current operating income came to €33.4m on 31 March 2019, corresponding to a margin of 7.9%.

2018/19 operating income improved by 32.7% at constant scope and exchange rates.

After incorporating the financial result and taxes, 2018/19 net income adjusted for unrealised currency effects increased by 34.5% to €14.3m.

Balance sheet: positive free cash-flows at €12.4m

Shareholders' equity stood at €198.3m at 31 March 2019 and net financial debt[5] at €262.2m, which meant that the gearing ratio remained under control at 1.32.

Cash flows from operations soared over the period to €85.6m versus €35.3m at 31 March 2018.

This reflects a sizeable 11.5% improvement in the Group's cash flows (before the cost of financial debt and taxes) to €63.9m (€57.3m a year previously) as well as a positive WCR contribution of €21.7m largely thanks to more effective management of inventory and trade receivables amid an increase activity.

Net investments amounted to €73.2m over the period. They were allocated to R&D and expenses incurred in setting up the new ERP, increased activity, maintenance and the remainder to various other investments.

All the measures introduced by the Group are paying off. In keeping with its targets for 2018/19, the Group reported positive free cash-flows of €12.4m (versus -€33.9m at 31 March 2019).

Contract wins: momentum intact

An expansion strategy was launched in North America following the large contract awarded by Spirit Aerosystems in January 2017, and $200m of contracts have been won over the past 18 months with Triumph, Mitsubishi Canada, Bombardier and Boeing. These market share gains have been achieved thanks to competitive manufacturing facilities in Wichita and Mexico benefiting from the whole range of FIGEAC AÉRO's expertise.

The Group was also awarded a new contract as a tier-1 supplier to manufacture shrouds for the Rolls-Royce Trent engines powering the A350 XWB 900 and 1000. This was thanks to its experience in the engines sector and especially its Plant for the Future dedicated entirely to Safran's LEAP engine.

Last of all, FIGEAC AÉRO's long-standing customers continued to place their trust in the Group, with the contract renewal rate reaching close to 100%, market share gains on ongoing contracts worth around €100m over the last 12 months (nacelles, engines, landing gear and structures) and talks to bring in new business at an advanced stage.

Outlook and growth strategy

The Group's growth strategy for the years ahead has three priorities:

  • to consolidate its critical mass in Europe;
  • to continue expanding in North America;
  • to shore up its ‘best cost' sites, which are essential growth drivers for the future.

The Group remains upbeat about its business model thanks to its many competitive advantages (a dominant industrial footprint, innovative capacity, renowned know-how and a robust corporate culture):

  • in financial year 2019/20, despite the detrimental impact of production rates on certain programmes, the Group's growth is set to outperform the sector thanks to new contract wins, its current EBITDA should expand, and it stands to deliver positive free cash-flows,
  • in the medium term, the aerospace market will remain healthy and FIGEAC AÉRO will continue to work towards its goals by outperforming the market in terms of revenue growth, generating positive and recurring free cash-flow, and delivering solid profitability levels.

Next release

31 July 2019 after trading: consolidated accounts for the year ended 31 March 2019 approved by the Board of Directors



The FIGEAC AERO Group, a leading partner for major aerospace manufacturers, specialises in producing light alloy and hard metal structural parts, engine parts, landing gear and sub-assemblies. FIGEAC AERO is a global group operating in France, the USA, Morocco, Mexico, Romania and Tunisia. The Group generated annual revenue of €428m in the year to 31 March 2019.


Jean-Claude Maillard
Chief Executive Officer
Tel.: (0)5 65 34 52 52
Abdelkader Benchiha
Head of Institutional Relations
VP IR & Public Affairs
Tel.: (0)5 81 24 61 90 /
ACTUS Finance & Communication
Corinne Puissant - Analyst/Investor Relations
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Manon Clairet - Press Relations
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Simplified consolidated balance sheet at 31 March

€k - IFRS 31/03/2018 31/03/2019
Fixed assets 290,504 331,110
Other non-current assets (1) 50,191 52,597
Inventory 174,603 180,382
Trade receivables 95,565 82,077
Tax receivables 14,180 13,923
Other current assets 26,666 26,959
Cash and cash equivalents 107,906 122,418
TOTAL ASSETS 759,615 809,467
Shareholders' equity 200,247 198,323
Non-current financial liabilities 229,599 294,162
Non-current liabilities (2) 55,040 62,573
Short-term financial liabilities 70,742 49,467
Current portion of financial liabilities 47,566 35,880
Debt not bearing interest 22,407 17,792
Repayable advances 4,659 5,154
Trade payables and related accounts 81,165 92,142
Current liabilities (3) 48,191 53,975
TOTAL LIABILITIES 759,615 809,467
  1. Equity-accounted shareholdings + deferred taxes + financial instruments + other financial assets + other non-current assets + contract assets
  2. Other provisions + deferred taxes + pension provisions + financial instruments + other non-current liabilities + differed income for the non-current portion + contract liabilities
  3. Tax liabilities + tax debt + financial instruments + other current liabilities + derivative products.

Simplified consolidated cash-flow statement at 31 March

€k IFRS 31/03/2018 31/03/2019
Cash flow before cost of financial debt and taxes 57,647 63,937
Change in working capital requirement (22,031) 21,698
WCR in days of net sales
Net cash flow from operations
Net cash flow from investment activities (69,257) (73,248)
FREE CASH FLOW (33,941) 12,387
Scope effect - (2,640)
Capital increase and subsidies received 6 (1,969)
Change in borrowings and repayable advances 94,439 28,403
Net cash flow from financing activities 94,445 26,434
Change in cash position 60,504 36,181
Net cash position 37,165 72,951

[1] After incorporating IFRS 15

[2] At constant scope and exchange rates

[3] The 2018/19 revenue figure is calculated based on the monthly average EUR/USD exchange rate of 1.1638 for the period, and the 2017/18 revenue figure is calculated based on the monthly average EUR/USD exchange rate of 1.167 for the period

[4] Current EBITDA = current operating income + depreciation and amortisation + net provisions - Before the breakdown of R&D expenses capitalised by the Group by type

[5] Excluding financial liabilities not bearing interest

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