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  DMS company press release from 22/05/2018

  22/05/2018 - 18:00

Further progress for the DMS Biotech division: finalization of a pre-clinical study on the treatment of erectile dysfunctions

Diagnostic Medical Systems Group (Euronext Paris - FR0012202497 - DGM) announces the finalization of a study carried out on rats- for the treatment of erectile dysfunctions; The study was conducted in collaboration with the company Urosphere, specialized in urology pre-clinical studies.

This study showed, in rats with surgically triggered erectile dysfunctions, that the treatment with a cellular solution purified from adipose tissue leads to the recovery of erections in over 50% of the treated rats. Moreover, the erections efficiency is similar to what was observed in control rats.

The cells were purified with an innovative device, recently patented by DMS Biotech, allowing cellular populations specific to the adipose tissue to be extracted in just a few minutes, whereas classical extraction processes usually require 1 to 3 hours.

In addition to the quick procedure, the study also shows that the new device developed by DMS Biotech obtains a cellular preparation that restores a better-quality erection, when compared with the classical extraction processes.

The results we obtained are extremely positive because we can see a fast regrowth of the cavernous nerves damaged during surgery. It is essentially this regenerative action that leads to treatment efficiency. The mechanism still has to be proven in men but these results on the small animal go beyond our expectations.” explains Régis Roche, Scientific Manager of DMS Biotech.

“It is more than encouraging for the future of these treatments. t Prostate ablation as part of cancer treatment leads, most of the time, to erectile dysfunctions, very often irreversible. In these situations, the classical medicinal treatments (Viagra, Cialis, etc.) are not efficient and the solution of penile implant is complicated and difficult to consider. A solution by local unique-injection of an autologous cellular preparation is extremely tempting and could radically change the lives of tens of millions of patients in the world.”


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